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The Greek struggle in Macedonia-Douglas Dakin

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

The North American Review-1919

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Travels in European Turkey in 1850

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I’ll present JUST ONE BOOK written by Edmund Spencer who traveled to Macedonia and other parts of Ottoman Turkey in 1850. He clearly tells us that the population of Macedonia was Greek, Bulgarian, and Servian that the Osman’s fear would begin insurrections. Furthermore, well before the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate, Spencer clearly describes the people of Uskiub (Skopje ), Zagochori (in Epirus), and Bitoglia (Bitola/Monastiri)… he also explains that they attend the Greek church, in Bitola, but clearly states that the congregation of that church is mostly Bulgarian, with a few Greeks, and Zinzars.This boo0k was written in 1851 well before the Excharhate  schism of 1870.


Rare Document of 1878 – Proclamation of the Temporary Government of Macedonia

Thursday, September 4th, 2008




This proclamation shatters 3 Skopjan myths (lies) about Macedonia:

Myth (Lie) #1: The name ‘Macedonia’ was not used by Greeks until after 1988. Until 1988, the area was known as ‘Northern Greece’ or ‘Northern New Territories’.
As its evident in the Proclamation written in pure Greek by Macedonian Greeks this is simply not true. ‘The Ministry of Northern Greece’ changed its name to ‘The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace’ in 1988….not the department/province!

Myth (Lie) #2: There were no Greeks in Macedonia until after Greece invaded and expelled the ‘Macedonians’ in 1912 and brought more Greeks from Turkey in 1923.
Again, shameless lies. This document is proof that Greeks in Macedonia, not wanting to be ruled by Turkey anymore, took up arms and started a revolution. They formed a government and appealed to Greece and the European Powers to unite them with their motherland Greece! All this as Turkey was getting ready to sign the Treaty of San Stefano which allowed Russia to give Macedonia to Bulgaria.

Myth (Lie) #3:
There was no Greek revolution against Turkey in Macedonia as happened in Southern Greece because there were no Greeks living in Macedonia.
This lie can now be destroyed along with the rest of Skopjean Macedonism and irredentism. To continue to propagate these lies is not worthy of a civil society.



To the Governments of the European powers

The long lasting sufferings which the respectable governments have heard about from their representatives, and which by now have reached a state of stressful despair, have obliged the inhabitants of Macedonia to take up arms in order to defend their lives, their honour and property. Calling a meeting today the representatives of the various communities in Macedonia, overthrew the Sultan’s tyrannical authority, declared the union of Macedonia with mother Greece, and chose us in order to form the Temporary Government of the revolution with the obligation to ask from the Christian super powers their mighty protection for the justification of our fight…(Macedonia) is ready to be freed and connected to mother Greece, even if it needs to be delivered to fire and disaster rather than continue living under the tyranny of various Turkish notables. They destroyed and violated the honour and sanctity of family life. All promises and obligations that the Turkish authorities gave to its subjects have proved by now to be nothing more than purposely sly and deceptive. The Turkish government has several times granted rights but tyranny has never been loosened. On the contrary, our misfortunes became endless and horrible because this government has neither power nor authority. Therefore, we were forced to seek our arms so that we may die as men as Greeks if we are not allowed to live like logical and free men.

[Signed] In Litohoro, Mt. Olympus [on] 19th February, 1878 [by the members of]

The Temporary Government of Macedonia:Evangelos Korovangos, President;

A. Asteriou;

G.V. Zahariadis;

Nikiforos, Monastic priest;

Athanasios Georgiou;

Ioannis G. Vergidis;

Giannis Nikolaou



We ask the Consul General of Greece to read [and transmit] the present document.



Pages 81, 84, 116, and 117 From the book:’Macedonia, Macedonian Struggle, Greece-Macedonia 4000 Years’

By: Konstantinos Douflias, Historian-Folklorist-Journalist

1992, Aegean Publications



Book is available in Greek and English…n-with-greece/

The Greeks after 1204

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

According to Fyromian propagandists they claim that Greece was an 19th century invention of the then Great Powers.That Greeks or Hellenes of antiquity just simply “VANISHED” .They have manged to convice a few non Fyromians like John Shea into this preposterous claim.On this blog we will prove once and for all the facts that the Greeks existed right through the centuries of Ottoman rule thus continuing the Hellenic lineage from antiquity.Yes there have been countless invasions and conquerors and 1000’s of mixed marriages but the facts remain that the Greek Hellenic culture survived through language and customs.The Hellenic consciousness was far too strong to just dissapear like many others before.Even during Hellenism’s darkest days of Ottoman rule the Greeks became the dominant minority.