What is a Slavonic-Macedonian?

My family are from Tetavo near the Sar Mountains.
I am part of the Serbo-croatian race, as my village is North-West of my nation.
In my nation we have mostly Serbs, a large number of Bulgarian, and small number of Greeks. Unfortunately for you, these Greeks do not know they are Greek.True story, I met a man called Yanniz Theodoroski. He doesn’t think he has ANY Greek background. That is what Communism has done to our country!

As to our future, I would not mind being in union with Serbia, BUT and this is a big one, Serbia have massive problems financially and politically. Until Serbia get all their business sorted out with the Hague/UN/EU we should stay as we are.

Now, this is what probably interests you.
I want us to go back to being called Vardar-Banovina. Also, I want to delete our language that constantly reminds me how we where victimised by Croats everytime someone speaks it. We can also thank that same man for the 800,000 Albanians that live in my country and vandalise everywhere they go.

I actually live in Canada now because my village got over-run by a lot of Albanians who illegally came to my country for work, and our weak government wont kick them out.

As to church, I was baptised in the Serbian Orthodox church, and attend services at the Serbian Orthodox Church in Canada. Our Church, is quite frankly, corrupt to the core. They are trying to shun other Orthodox bodies, which is not what orthodoxy is about. Not only do that do that, but despite our Government trying to move us forward, the Church (which is probably still run by communists, teaches people lies and asks them to commit tretchery on our own people and neighbours.)

To address your last question, I read a lot of Swedish texts on this issue (before we moved to Canada we moved to Sweden) and all the old maps and texts regarding Balkan wars mentioned Vardar Banovina / Vardarska, but never Macedonija (until 1942) Then I researched a lot about the Yugoslav wars and it occurred to me, Tito wanted to use us as a front line against Serbia, we where to weaken them and tie up their resources, he was to deal the final blow. I felt this all along, but now I had the facts. We thought he wanted to help us, but he screwed us over.

Also, in Bitola, there where many Greek artefacts and beautiful buildings dedicated to Ancient Macedonia. My father told me that when he was young he remembered visiting Bitola with his parents and saw an arch that had engraved, forgive my Greek, Megalos Alexandros To Elinikon Eroas … or something like that, which translated to Alexander the Great, the Greek Hero.
When we went back to see it in 1995, it was gone!
Our stupid communist leaders destroyed it all, priceless historical artefacts, and they levelled it.

The communists tried to; destroy the foreign history in our nation, destroy our history in our nation and worse of all, create history that made us hate people we had no reason to hate. We where used, and some people continue to be used.
I am sad of our history and hope one day, people seek out the truth.

Naturally, most of my countrymen hate me and call me things like “Slobodan Milosevic” or “Sell out Greek” But this does not bother me, because it means they know I speak truths and this upsets them, hopefully the next generations work out who they are.

They do not realise that it is I who loves my country so much, that I seek the truth. To deny truths is to disrespect your country and your roots.

I hope that answers your question.


“It must be noted though, that the ancient kingdom of Macedon was centered in what is known today as Greek Macedonia and its boundaries did not span north of the town Bitola[1].”

Wikipedia is a nice unbiased site, usually updated by Americans who recognise the name Republic of Makedonija. The name of RoM is offensive to me because it does not honour my ancestors and creates a past for us that never happened. I think many of our people still choice to believe that we are related to Alexander because they do not want to be embarrassed to say, ok.. we’ve been mislead.

Its current borders were fixed shortly after World War II when the government of Yugoslavia established the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, recognizing a Macedonian ethnicity as distinct from the Serbs and as a separate nation within Yugoslavia.

It was only political pressure against Serbia that made them recognise us as a separate ethnicity. Never forget that.
Depending where your ancestry is, depends on weather you are either Serbian or Bulgarian. Do a little research into your family tree and you will soon draw the same conclusion I reached. Leave all the lies you’ve been brought up with behind and examine it with your eyes open.No matter what you say, Slavs came from the steppes of Russia/Ukraine.
We are a Slavic people closely related to Serbia, many from the east, related to Bulgaria.
It was Bulgaria though, who taught us the way of Orthodoxy and Bulgaria whom learnt it through Byzantium.

The typical RoM mentality is one that defies common sense, for a long time we were a nation within a nation. Now tell me, a nation as small as ours existing between Serbia & Bulgaria (two former powerful nations) for us to be “mako” is a joke of the highest order.